Business Park Construction

Premier Pacific is a large integrated real estate developer of residential land subdivisions, commercial and industrial properties, luxury condos and town-homes operating in BC and Alberta. They have also built homes in Alberta as Premier Advantage.
Premier Pacific can be described in many ways, but its most refreshing and unique quality is the ability to offer its clients the best of both worlds. In the real estate industry it is common for a company to grow into a large, sometimes cumbersome and static entity. By keeping a simple and untraditional business structure, Premier Pacific and their client‚ benefit from the strength and stability of a large company, while retaining the flexibility and personal touch of a small one.

A vision for the developed property comes with an eye for innovation.
While conducting the feasibility study of a potential subdivision, a large knoll was encountered blocking spectacular views of the valley below. Geotechnical reports confirmed that the knoll was gravel based. Premier had the engineers design the project utilizing the gravel from the knoll for road base throughout the project. This type of innovative thinking was a win/win scenario for both Premier and its customers. The customers got the view plus savings passed down from reduced road construction costs bringing affordability to a high end product plus increased profitability for Premier.

Premier’s unique business philosophy is a revelation and allows the company to operate with extreme efficiency. By finding the properties, planning the best use for them and then incorporating their long term construction management experience, Premier is able to provide the most sophisticated buyers with the very best value for their money. Dynamic planning and leadership drives the company, the foundation of their pursuit for excellence.